What is Nations Acupuncture?

Nations Acupuncture is a family acupuncture clinic run by Robert & Marion Nations. We bring a wealth of life experience to create effective and realistic healthcare solutions. Our office provides a tranquil and safe environment, where our focus is to give you personalized attention.

Nations acupuncture office

Nations acupuncture office

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Nations acupuncture

Robert Nations

Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Robert Nations is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and instructor of east Asian medicine and mindfulness practices. These methods can restore vitality and assist with the treatment and prevention of disease.

Robert is passionate about the human condition and is able to take that understanding and apply it to his students and clinical practice, which he shares with his wife. He has been in the field of holistic medicine for over 30 years, traveled to Europe, Africa and China and was inspired by their people. Through the lens of cultural diversity and the human-nature relationship, he has developed a better understanding of healing and its implications with the natural world.

He specializes in working with the older adult population in regards to issues that accompany the aging process. He works tirelessly to embody classical Chinese philosophical and medical literature and mindfulness practices. So as to care for individuals with the ailments that can occur after 50 years of age.

Robert Nations received his Master degree in acupuncture and east Asian medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. He is also a faculty member of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and San Diego Community College District’s Continuing Education program. His subjects have included daoism, taijiquan, qigong, tuina, and Chinese medical theory. All of which he has studied extensively. Robert Nations has worked with Sharp Healthcare and the University of California San Diego’s Center for Integrative Medicine as a speaker, instructor and acupuncturist. He also holds the designation of Master Trainer by the California Department of Public Health for teaching the evidence based, Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance program. It was developed by Dr. Fuzhong Li of the Oregon Research Institute, and approved by the Centers for Disease Control in regards to fall prevention.

Robert Nations is Nationally Certified (NCCAOM), California Licensed and a diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine through the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine.

Marion Nations

Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Marion is an native of Brittany, France. A region of delicious seafood, rugged coastlines and natural healers. It was her mother who introduced her to energy healing, homeopathy and acupuncture. Because of that influence at a young age, Marion developed a passion for natural medicine.

She started pursuing her vocation in the healing arts in 1991. Initially, as a massage therapist and reiki practitioner. Then in 2000, she studied at the homeopathic academy of southern California and completed their 3 year program in classical homeopathy. In 2006, she was accepted at Pacific college of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, where she earned a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She also completed a post-graduate course in Canonical Herbal Medicine taught by Dr. Arnaud Versluys at, the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine.

Through her love for the healing arts, Marion aspires to empower, facilitate wellness and assist her patients in their personal journey towards wholeness. She specializes in women’s health and pain relief acupuncture.

Marion Nations is Nationally certified (NCCAOM), California State licensed and a diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine through the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine.

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