Nations acupuncture

Nations acupuncture office
Nations acupuncture office

Initial visit :

The first time you visit our office, will be an opportunity for us to get to know one another. The appropriate confidential forms will need to be filled out. Therefore, please have the necessary information ready as you would for seeking any type of medical service. This will be followed with a private consultation.

Chinese medicine is a holistic system. Therefore, we will discuss your primary complaint and its associated symptoms, but also many details that you may think are not significant. This will include pulse examination, palpation and when needed orthopedic tests. The initial intake process can take an hour and a half, when the treatment is included.

Please be sure you have eaten within several hours of your visit. The appropriate draping will be provided. When possible, wear comfortable or loose fitting clothing. We will do our best to give you a relaxed, calm and positive experience.

Fees :

Initial visit with treatment (90 min.) : $ 125
Consultation without treatment (30 to 40 mn) $ 45
Follow up (50 mn to 60 mn): $ 80
Cupping (30 mn): $ 40
Herbal consultation (30 mn. To 45 mn) $ 45

Nota Bene : The previously listed fees are our out-of-pocket discount pricing. If you will need to use our billing services to invoice a third party payer, then our regular fee schedule will apply.