Herbal medicine uses a variety of plant and mineral substances blended together to treat many types of injuries and illnesses. It can be taken as convenient granules, capsules, as a cooked tea, or applied to the skin. Herbal medicine can be used to treat the common cold, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, problems with urination, infertility, menopausal syndrome and many others. Many of these herbal formulas have been used for thousands of years and found to be effective in treating a multitude of ailments. They can be taken internally, or applied externally. The advantage of herbal medication is its ability to be used on a daily basis, often expediting the healing process.

Safety is our priority and we use only the purest and safest herbal products that meet pharmaceutical grade GMP standards.

Dietary therapy involves more than the typical Western Medicine regime of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. East Asian medicine is primarily concerned with the flavor of the foods and the way they are prepared. Other considerations include the season of the year and where it is grown. Learning how to prepare food is of critical importance to dietary therapy.