There are many habits around our knees and back. For example, there is the habit of putting our weight on one leg while throwing our hip off to the side. This happens when we are standing idly, or while performing a task. This habit can create unnecessary wear on our hips, back and knees.

Typically, when we stand while facing an object and performing a task, for example washing dishes, or texting, the feet are side by side, and the hips are thrown to one side. This leads to locking of the knees and a decrease in the mobility of the lower back.

To remedy this situation, we suggest to unlock your knees by placing one foot slighty forward to the other. Now, you are free to shift your weight forward and back without locking your knees. It is very difficult to lock the knees and back into this position. With repetitive practice, we can acquire more awareness of the relationship between the knees, back and hips in regards to a task.

Another pleasant and easy way to bring more awareness to your back and knees, is to simply rub and squeeze your knees and rub and press your lower back until they are warm and relaxed.

This is the only body you’ll ever own. Take the time to care for and enjoy it!

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