Influence of spring

Spring is the season of birth. It is the time when days become warmer and longer. Nature becomes more active, as well as our urges to move forward and about. When that new energy gets blocked or interfered with, due to lifestyles, circumstances, or environmental influences, it is easier to feel depressed or frustrated. Due to the proliferation of pollen in the air, many of us also experience allergies and feelings of fatigue. Here’s a few tips that can help ease the reactivity to spring.

Acupuncture : A series of acupuncture and, or herbal medicine allows for a smoother transition by relaxing tension, calming anxiety, feeling of uneasiness, and boosting your immunity.

Breathing exercises : Mindfulness exercises such as, Tai Chi and Qi Gong will assist in relieving constraint, stretch your muscles, soften your joints, and increase your energy.

Diet : When possible, incorporate a diet rich in local produce and minimize fatty and greasy food. This can contribute to make you feel physically lighter and mentally clearer.

In good health!